Urban Landscapes

The architecture of the industrial and urban landscapes has always fascinated me. Growing up near the Ohio River steel mills might have some influence on this enthusiasm. The geometric quality of the positive and negative spaces in these views allows me to compose pictures of abstracted reality. By that I mean,recognizable places but not photo real.
The organization of the abstract and natural forms comprises my design. The solid color used to describe these forms, create the space and volume in the flat plane.
Early in my career, I painted mainly architectural landscapes. I then found I needed to explore other styles and subjects to understand more fully what I was trying to say. I have returned to my original architectural style. Happily, I bring more confidence and knowledge to my craft. I am energized by the re connection to my past endeavors.
The renaissance of Cleveland and the surroundings areas only add fuel to my fire. I am currently creating a series of paintings to embody the excitement of this new energy.